Community Work


We value the long-standing relationships we have built up over the years

We are involved in a number of community projects, which are very important to us as a company. We believe in giving back to local people and organisations, and we hope that the work we do inspires others to innovate and create in their chosen field.

Our Community Work

In 2010, Graham Smith UK supported the Engineering Education Scheme Wales or EESW. The aim of the scheme is to raise awareness among youngsters of engineering and the way it can be applied in a variety of ways in the real world. It's also designed to help spot the budding engineers of the future.

• Pupils were given an engineering project to complete.
• They had to investigate all of the engineering aspects needed to complete the project.
• They carried out tests at various stages of the project.
• At the end, pupils produced a report detailing the engineering decisions they made and also submitted their test results.

One of our projects in 2010 set pupils the task of deploying a marine band VHF communications mast. This would enable communications between Beachley Lifeboat station control room and portable search teams and rescue boats operating in the Wye valley where direct communication is not possible.

• These systems already exist but pupils had to build to a budget and project manage the deployment as if it was a real world project.
• Pupils had to look at planning, wind loading calculations, wall fixings, power source including back-up battery, planning permission, site owner agreement, antenna radiation patterns, path profile, and many other engineering aspects.
• After the project, they wrote a report listing their engineering decisions and test results.
• Pupils found the project enormously rewarding and it gave them an insight into the challenges faced by engineers.

Graham Smith UK is proud to have supported this worthwhile charity, which works to develop more extended relationships between staff, parents and other associates at the school. It also engages in a range of activities which support the school and its pupils, and helps provide facilities and items for education which aren't provided by government funding.

• The BEDSA School Spring Ball in 2010, sponsored by Graham Smith UK, raised £11,904.61 for the school.
• All of the funds raised benefited pupils at the school.
• The money was used to pay for books, computers, new goal posts, various sports and play equipment, classroom blinds, a compost bin, buckets, spades and a donkey ride on a school trip.
• It was also used to fund the upkeep of the pet rabbits at Lower School.

Graham Smith UK firmly believes in the importance of playing a part in the local community, and is pleased to sponsor St Michael and All Angels Church Fete each year. Funds raised from this are used to support the church and its activities in the parish, along with contributions to local charities such as the Thamesdown Hydrotherapy Pool.
We are very pleased to be to be supporting the Brinkworth Village Show with sponsorship in 2014. This family event takes place in August - and we look forward to an extremely successful show.
The Brinkworth Heritage Society is currently raising money to update local recreation facilities. One of the events planned for 2014 is the 'Brinkworth 10k Bash', a multi-terrain 10km run around the area. Graham Smith UK is pleased to have contributed towards this project fund.

Have a Community Project?

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