Consumables & Tools

Consumables & Tools

We can supply all types of consumables from cable ties and insulation tape to nuts and bolts.

• Cable ties in various colours and sizes.
• Adhesives and sealants.
• Insulation tape in various colours and sizes.
• Velcro banding for fibre optic cabling.
• Nuts, bolts and washers in various sizes and plating finishes.
• Copper tube terminals in various sizes, with single or twin hole fixings.

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We have all types of tools for all types of installation. Here are just a few - so ask us if you don't see the tool you need.

• Crimp tools including BT pliers crimping 6A and 19A.
• Stripping tools including manual and semi-auto coax strippers.
• Screwdriver.
• Hammers.
• Cutters.
• Spanners and socket sets.

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