Customised Fabrication

Customised Fabrication

We are able to solve urgent issues and find solutions to almost any network connectivity problem. Our innovative in-house Customised Fabrication facilities handle an enormous range of bespoke projects. Our highly skilled team can work from supplied drawings, or we can create our own innovative network solutions to meet your needs. We can also offer you a rapid service for manufacturing prototypes or providing samples.

We can make just about any cable, loom, harness or assembly. Graham Smith UK knows everything there is to know about cutting, stripping, tinning, crimping, terminating, marking, bunching, forming and routing. We can produce samples or small runs within a 24-hour period if needed, with high volume production soon after.

• All major wire manufacturing techniques.
• Complex assemblies, harnesses, wiring looms and cableforms.
• Bespoke ribbon, IDC, co-axial and patch leads.
• Full compliance testing.
• A choice of cable identification and packaging.

products-customised-fabrication-cable-assembly-and-harnessing products-customised-fabrication-cable-assembly-and-harnessing products-customised-fabrication-cable-assembly-and-harnessing
Our engineering professionals can help with the most complicated of designs, working with you to achieve the most intelligent answer to any fabrication challenge. Rapid and cost-effective manufacture of high volume bespoke components is a priority and we'll make sure you get what you need, when you need it and where you need it.

• Sheet metal pressed and formed solutions.
• Turned part-fabricated solutions.
• Laser cut solutions.

products-customised-fabrication-metal-fabrication products-customised-fabrication-metal-fabrication products-customised-fabrication-metal-fabrication
High reliability ISO-certified products include rapid-turn PCB assembly and comprehensive box build services. We can deliver the whole production cycle to extremely tight deadlines, including design, part procurement, assembly, casing fabrication and distribution. Smaller quantities are no problem and you can depend on us to look on every PCB assignment as an involving challenge.

• Single sided board design and fabrication.
• Multi-layer board design and fabrication.
• Hand-soldered component assembly.
• Surface mount component assembly.

products-customised-fabrication-pcb-manufacture-and-assembly products-customised-fabrication-pcb-manufacture-and-assembly products-customised-fabrication-pcb-manufacture-and-assembly
Graham Smith UK has the skills and capacity to deliver almost any injection-moulded part, including work on design, moulds and tooling, with rapid turnaround. You can rely on us to create the look you need as well as the right mechanical, thermal and optical properties.

• Component tooling and moulding.
• Acrylic cutting and forming.
• Vacuum forming.
• PVC dip moulding.

products-customised-fabrication-moulding-and-forming products-customised-fabrication-moulding-and-forming products-customised-fabrication-moulding-and-forming


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