We can supply many different cabinets, racks and frames of various heights, widths, styles and colours:

• Cabinets and racks in both 19" and ETSI widths, and heights up to 4.5 metres.
• Defem® modular racks up to 2.2 metres high with flexible width and depth.
• DDFs and ODFs.
• Shelves of various widths, depths and colours in both fixed and sliding styles.
• Vertical cable trays for both copper and fibre.
• A range of accessories including cable management bars, power strips and fans.

products-hardware-enclosures products-hardware-enclosures products-hardware-enclosures
We stock Cosmic, Augat and Cam Four cross connect blocks, frames, wiring troughs and tools:

• Cosmic and mini Cosmic blocks from 50 to 128 pairs.
• Augat blocks from 100 to 128 pairs.
• Cam Four blocks.
• Krone connection strips including 237A.
• 3M connection strips.
• Frames to accommodate above.
• Wiring troughs in various sizes for above.
• Strip designations and flip gates for above.
• Inserter tools for above.

products-hardware-cross-connect products-hardware-cross-connect products-hardware-cross-connect
Choose from a wide range of copper patch panels in various heights, sizes, connector styles and configurations:

• BNC patch panels.
• Type 43 patch panels.
• Balun panels.
• Cat5E coupler panels.
• Cat5E punchdown panels.
• Cat6 coupler and punchdown panels.
• DDF blocks in both B2 and vertical styles including label sets.
• Cable tidy panels.

products-hardware-patch-panels products-hardware-patch-panels products-hardware-patch-panels
We are the UK distributor for Defem, who offer a comprehensive and easy-to-install range of cable routing and network management products which combine simplicity, quality, safety and economy.

All Defem products are designed to meet the higher specifications demanded by data, telecoms, machine line and server room applications.

• Cable trays 2.5 metres long in various widths.
• Cable management strips in various lengths and widths.
• Wall and ceiling fixtures.
• Radius protection.
• Cable separation.
• Equipotential bonding.

products-hardware-cable-management products-hardware-cable-management products-hardware-cable-management

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