Policy on Plastic Usage  
Revision No.1  

Ref: ISO 14001


Procedure Review: Annually Authorised by: L. de Souza
Last Reviewed: January 2022


 Graham Smith (UK) is committed to reduce the quantity of plastic used within our business.

Graham Smith (UK) recognises that plastic has a huge negative impact on our planet and so we consider our usage and waste stream not for just plastic but in every section of the waste we produce as a business. The commitments detailed in this document aim to minimise our impact and contribute to the improvement of environmental quality.

As a business, we are focused on generating ideas internally as well as taking advice and guidance from business partners in how to reduce our environmental impact in all our business operations.

Our Integrated Management System, IMS, details our overall commitment to environmental best practice and this policy goes further in defining the ways in which Graham Smith (UK) is committed.


This policy will cover all aspects of business that Graham Smith (UK) carries out and will be continually reviewed as part of our Integrated Management System.

Graham Smith UK’s Commitment

Signed                                                                                                Signed

Llew de Souza                                                                              Alison Smith

DIRECTOR                                                                                       DIRECTOR

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