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Our warehouses are run by our dedicated workforce and offer the highest level of service when receiving, storing and handling customer materials. We conduct regular checks to ensure quality is maintained and we run multiple custom storage options for our customers.

Fibre optics are the future of telecoms and we have a dedicated section of our business managing the continued development of their use with our customers. Just like our product supply, if there is a type of fibre you need, rest assured we can source it.

Deliveries, collections, and decommissioning we can handle it all. Many of the projects we work on incorporate taking away obsolete kit from site as well as delivering IRM and we can run custom tracking for any customer interested in using this service.

From cables and connectors to terminals and tape, if we don't stock it, we can source it. We manage our stock diligently as well as working with a supply chain that we trust and that has ample redundancy. Any product, any time.

Whatever the item, ensuring quality and consistency in item performance is something we are committed to. If you have particular cable need we can help you work toward them with our on site facilities.

Getting the right products to the right people is a fundamental part of Graham Smith UK. Being able to provide something that meets specification, comes in on budget and arrives on time is crucial to us and our clients.

Bespoke design is part of the fabric of Graham Smith UK. We started out with custom solutions and it's still a huge part of the work we do today. Our technical sales features trained CAD users to put together anything you need.

Bespoke design and manufacture are how Graham Smith came to be and this continued service allows us to meet the exact specifications of our varied clients. If you have an idea you want to pursue, we can help.

As we’ve grown, our customers have looked to us to provide them with support beyond just the supply of IRM and the manufacturing of products.

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