Cable Assembly and Manufacturing

Whatever the Cable Assembly, we can help with Design, Manufacturing and Implementation ensuring quality and consistency in item performance is something we are committed to. If you have particular testing needs, we can help you work toward them with our on-site facilities.

  • Pass go

With all the services we offer being fully integrated it doesn’t matter if you are using us to prototype and design or support your IRM requirements we’ll take care of your product to the same level every time. Employing a company-wide quality system, our accreditations speak to our commitment to continuous improvement.

  • One piece at a time

Our factory is staffed by trained product manufacturers and testers and with regular spot checks and internal audits we ensure that we are on top of quality at every stage of our processing. Our factory is purpose built to assist with the focus required to effectively test any item that goes through our testing processes.

  • The test of time

Our history should give you some insight into how we’ve continued to be relied upon by customers all over the world. Fundamentally, it is because our equipment works and that’s because we focus on the quality of all our products before they leave our factory.

What our customers say

"As a customer over the past years to Graham Smith UK, it's been a real pleasure to work with all the team. They really do provide a great professional service with the right attitude to understand what is required by the customer. They go above, and beyond to the job get done!"

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