Fibre Optic Cable and Accessories

Fibre Optic Cable and Accessories comes in many different variants and foot prints. Whether its Backhaul Fibre or Patching Fibre, each cable can be made to order, from Length to Connectors.

  • The future

Fibre optics have become synonymous with advanced telecoms and we’ve been involved in its development and implementation for a number of years with major service providers around the world. Providing equipment for all areas of installation is a stable of what we do, be that supporting groundworks, cable management, or standard IRM.

  • The light fantastic

The chances are you’ve heard about the benefits of fibre optics most notably in the age of information – speed. The way we think about delivering support to telecoms providers and maintainers also revolves around delivering and delivering quickly. Just like fibre is the best way to provide speed to end users, so too are we to you.

  • Supply and demand

Whether you are bidding for a large civil tender or are looking to support an ongoing project we can provide you with what you need. Large volumes of fibre are no problem and if you need to develop custom connector layouts and colours this is something, we can work with you on. Our supply chain gives us the confidence that whatever your requirement and however much development is required – we can help.

  • All together now

The development of fibre allows us to bring together all the things that make Graham Smith great. We are leaders in prototyping, manufacturer and design and combine this with our robust supply chain and ability to provide project staging and delivery of logistical support at every stage of your projects no matter how big or small.

  • Want a quote?

Our team are ready to handle your request whether it’s big or small. Just a few quick questions from us and we’ll be in touch to get you a price. If you just want to know more about the fibre we have on offer they’ll be happy to run you through the variety of products that we offer.

What our customers say

"As a customer over the past years to Graham Smith UK, it's been a real pleasure to work with all the team. They really do provide a great professional service with the right attitude to understand what is required by the customer. They go above, and beyond to the job get done!"

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