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Forward and Reverse logistics

Deliveries, collections, and decommissioning we can handle it all. Many of the projects we work on incorporate taking away obsolete kit from site as well as delivering IRM and we can run custom tracking for any customer interested in using this service.

  • At it again

The turnaround in technology within telecommunications is very high and as a result network providers and their partners use us to help with the removal of equipment ready for decommission. Our long-standing relationships with many large clients mean that we are familiar with a huge number of sites around the UK already.

  • Clean up operation

We make sure that our drivers collect everything required on site and this includes all the packaging that features in their deliveries as well as ancillary parts from units ready for decommission. Whenever kit is removed, we aim to make it look like it was never waiting for us, in a perfect world it’ll look like everything to be collected has simply disappeared.

  • Safe disposal

Once collected the equipment can either be returned to a distribution centre of your choice or we will bring the equipment back to our HQ ready to be collected by an authorised decommissioning agency.

  • Track record

All of the equipment we collect, store and then have disposed of is meticulously tracked so that you can trace every site that you’ve worked on. We hold these records to your requirements and can make all the documents we update shareable with your staff to ensure transparency and consistency with updates.

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"We have been a customer for over 10 years and are very happy with the service we receive from Graham Smith UK. They create a great impression and it is refreshing to get this level of customer service"

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