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Bespoke design and manufacture are how Graham Smith came to be and this continued service allows us to meet the exact specifications of our varied clients. We can help you by presenting design drawings as well as physical prototypes for your approval before production begins. The entire process is always led by you and your requirements so you can be assured they’ll be no runaway cost or lead times.

  • Modern approach

We use leading manufacturing and processing techniques and rely on our team’s vast experience as well as the advice of trusted industry experts that we have worked with for many years. In our production building we host a range of tooling and equipment to cover standard construction pieces and we are able to facilitate larger or more complex projects as required.

  • All shapes and sizes

Whether it’s individual parts or the creation of full assemblies, we have the capability to develop a range of prototypes dependent on your needs. In the past we have created standalone items as well as designing systems which integrate with existing or soon to be released hardware. This comes in particularly useful for many of our clients who have been tasked with replacing existing systems.

  • Dedicated team

Leading our development of bespoke products is our technical sales team who monitor the process of development and work alongside both our customers and our sales team to ensure that requirements are always met on time and on budget. Initially they take your design requirements and use site and hardware specifications to construct technical drawings which support the prototyping process.

  • Emerging technologies

Our finger is firmly on the pulse of the latest and greatest tech. This means our customers are able to rely on us to not only understand but also prototype parts and products before they have hit market. We have a history of integrating with long term projects and developing new technology to support these works as the technological environment evolves.

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"Graham Smith are great, we've been ordering from them for years and they always put our company's needs first. "

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