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As we’ve grown our customers have looked to us to provide them with support beyond just the supply or IRM and the manufacturing of products. We now offer fully fledged project staging and can handle projects of any size.

  • Storage

Our storage areas are maintained to the highest standard, offering temperature controlled and secure environments for the any stocking, processing and testing you require. Our warehousing operation has expanded now across multiple sites and provides the facility for engineer collection.

  • Site support

Delivery to site that is both quick and reliable is always going to be to requirement of every one of our customers. That knowledge allows us to streamline our whole operation and manage logistics needs to keep up with the fast-paced world of telecommunications.

  • Customer apps

We’ve developed customer apps which provide traceability in the movement of parts and goods and provide a single pane through which we can monitor project progress at any time.

  • Reverse logistics

As well as delivering customer equipment to site we offer a comprehensive collection and recycling program to ensure that all your old kit is safely disposed of in line with all current legislation. Assisting with the decommissioning of sites has become a large part of our business and fleet of vehicles and team of drivers continues to expand to keep up with this demand.

  • Fleet backing

The rapid turnover of technology in the telecommunications industry means you need your engineers to have access to kit at a moment’s notice. Our fleet of vehicles and fully managed storage facilities allow our you to have complete access to their equipment whenever required. Working closely with our operations team we can help you achieve timely site attendance and the parts you need, exactly when you need them.

What our customers say

"Graham Smith are great, we've been ordering from them for years and they always put our company's needs first. "

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