Five of the Best Sites for Telecoms News

28th September 2020

At Graham Smith UK we always try to keep up to date with news from around the telecoms industry. A lot of what we learn is direct from our clients but keeping a tab on the wider industry is also important to how we work.

Keeping an eye on wider global affairs helps predicts shifts in our customer’s spends and requirements. Staying at the forefront of technological innovation puts us in a better position to serve our clients.

We’ve put together a short list of some of the news sources we follow at Graham Smith UK. They vary from groups covering global news, to focused sites looking at specific parts of the telecoms industry.

Light Reading

As one of the biggest telecom’s publications out there, you’ve likely heard of Light Reading. But we wanted to mention them anyway as they have a great spread of writers covering a whole host of telecommunications news from around the world.

ISP Review

As a British based site, this online news outlet is a great source of industry information. They cover a great deal of stories, focusing on telecommunication news within the UK. This is anything from updates of localised rollouts to in-depth analysis of technology.

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

This one might seem a bit broad at first glance but for us it’s actually a great site that has a lot of useful research and report data on the UK telecoms market. It has regular updates from government and the industry at large and offers a high level of detail on each topic it covers.

Total Telecom

Total Telecom make their way onto this list for their sheer variety of news stories. They have some great articles and also run some of the biggest industry events including Britain Connected. Their coverage on the wider business and financial setting also help to support and inform their readers.

Comms Update

Offering a website that gives you quick insights into updates from around the world, Comms Update is a great source of telecoms news. You can filter by country to narrow down the information by country and the content is concise so makes a great place to drop in to pick up on some headlines.

Although we’ve haven’t included it on this list, OFCOM gets an honourable mention as they are a great source of information.

That’s our list done! What are you reading? Tell us on LinkedIn we would love to hear from you.

If you want to contact our sales team direct you can find out more about our industry involvement as well as how we can help you and your business.

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