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We can supply copper cables for internal and external use in various materials (sheaths including LSOH):

• BT coaxial cables from 2003 and 3002 to RA7000 and RA8000, both in single core and multicore.
• TZC coaxial cables from single core to 16 core in various colour combinations.
• Multicore telephone cables, CW1308, in PVC and LSZH.
• RG coaxial cables, RG6, RG58, RG179, and so on, from PVC to Milspec (B/U).
• BT line cordage from 4-way flat to 6-way D shape in various colours.
• Belden multicore cable and equivalents.
• DC power cable from 0.5mm upwards, tri-rated and double insulated in various colours - including the new European colour harmonisation codes.
• Ribbon cable from 10-way upwards, in grey, rainbow, twist and flat.
• Twisted pair cable Cat5E, Cat6 in both UTP and FTP; solid or stranded. We also have Cat5E bundle in 8 core.
• Fibre optic cable from single mode to multimode in simplex and duplex in various colours. We also have multicore in loose tube or tight buffered.

products-copper-interconnect-cables products-copper-interconnect-cables products-copper-interconnect-cables
We have single pole and multipole connectors and adaptors of various types, both generic and proprietary:

• RF coaxial connectors in various styles including Type 43, BNC, TNC, SMB, N and F types.
• BT coaxial connectors.
• Siemens style connectors from 1.0/2.3 to 1.6/5.6.
• D-type connectors from 9-way upwards, in male and female versions, in standard as well as high density pin configurations.
• D-type hoods in plastic, metallised plastic and die-cast options in all sizes and colours.
• Krone connectors from plug 440A to the strip 237A.
• 3M connectors from their entire telecoms and electronics range.
• BT style connectors from the plug 631A to the socket 608A.
• RJ style connectors from the 4P4C RJ22 plug to the 8-way RJ45 plug.

products-copper-interconnect-connectors products-copper-interconnect-connectors products-copper-interconnect-connectors
We have everything you need from cord tests to BT specification to testers designed and manufactured for specific testing requirements:

• BT cord tests including the popular 6/10D, 6/10E and 1/1500A.
• BT coaxial connectors.
• The 'Trotty' range designed by Steve Trott in conjunction with Graham Smith UK incorporating the Trotty Box, Trotty Card, Trotty Talk and Trotty Pack.
• Test accessories including spike tests, clip tests and probes.
• Bespoke assemblies designed and made to order.

products-copper-interconnect-test-cords-and-equipment products-copper-interconnect-test-cords-and-equipment products-copper-interconnect-test-cords-and-equipment
We stock a wide range of Cat5E and Cat6 patch cords:

Cat5E and Cat6 patch cords:

• Shielded or unshielded.
• PVC or LSOH.
• Standard or customer specific sizes.
• Wide range of colours.
• With or without strain relief boots.
• Standard or customer specific wiring configurations.

Fibre patch cords and pigtails:

• Single mode or multimode.
• PVC or LSOH.
• Simplex or duplex.
• Wide range of connectors including SC, ST, LC, FC, MTRJ and E2000.
• Standard or customer specific sizes.

Coaxial patch cords:
• Wide range of cables including BT type, RG type and microwave.
• Wide range of connectors including BNC, Type43, Type54 and N types.

Telephone cords:
• 4-way and 6-way line cordage.
• BT style or RJ style plugs.

products-copper-interconnect-patch-cables products-copper-interconnect-patch-cables products-copper-interconnect-patch-cables


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