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We have unterminated fibre cable for all internal and external infrastructure applications. This cable can be cut in sizes to suit and packaged to meet your requirements. Our fibre patchcords and pigtails are available in a vast range of cables, connector types and sizes to complete your fibre network requirements.


• Tight buffered.
• Armoured tight buffered.
• Loose tube.
• Armoured loose tube.
• Ribbon, composite, aerial, plenum and breakout also available.

Patchcords & Pigtails

• Single mode and multimode; OM1, OM2 and OM3.
• Twin zip, ruggedised, breakout and fanout types.
• Standard and custom lengths available.
• All connector types available.

products-fibre-interconnect-cables-patchcords-pigtails products-fibre-interconnect-cables-patchcords-pigtails products-fibre-interconnect-cables-patchcords-pigtails
We offer a comprehensive range of fibre optic connectors, couplers and attenuators to build, connect and enhance the performance of your fibre network. Our high performance attenuators are designed to give accurate attenuation over specified wavelengths and at various attenuation levels.

Connectors & Adapters

• Single mode and multimode.
• Simplex and duplex.
• PC, UPC and angled connectors.
• SC, LC, FC, MU, MT-RJ, E2000.
• ST, ESCON, SMA, MPO, VF-45 and LX-5 available to order.
• Quick field terminable connectors.


• Single mode and multimode.
• 1310nm, 150nm and Dual 1310/1550 wavelengths.
• All connector types available.
• 1dB - 25dB attenuation levels.

products-fibre-interconnect-connectors-couplers-attenuators products-fibre-interconnect-connectors-couplers-attenuators products-fibre-interconnect-connectors-couplers-attenuators
We can supply a full range of fibre containment and management products. Gigaduct offers all the components you need for the complete containment of a fibre network installation. Our fibre enclosures, patch panels, splice trays, excess fibre shelves, rack-mountable fibre management and radius limiters provide fibre management, protection from damage and most importantly, security.


• We have a full range of Gigaduct products available. Contact us for more details.


• Standard or custom-built fibre enclosures.
• Patch panels with or without built-in fibre management.
• Splice trays.
• Fibre storage shelves.
• Rack-mountable fibre routing and management.

products-fibre-interconnect-containment-and-management products-fibre-interconnect-containment-and-management products-fibre-interconnect-containment-and-management
We can offer a full range of fibre test equipment and fibre consumables.

Fibre test equipment

• A full range of Tempo fibre test equipment including power meters, light sources and microscopes.


• Cleaning cassettes and wands.
• Velcro fibre strapping.
• Radius limiters.
• Fibre splices.

products-fibre-interconnect-test-equipment-and-consumables products-fibre-interconnect-test-equipment-and-consumables products-fibre-interconnect-test-equipment-and-consumables


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